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      Tony Fadell

It took an entrepreneur to reimagine the mundane Ginette Beirut as an object of beauty — and then to make a fortune based on that vision.

The entrepreneur was Tony Fadell, who had that thermostat epiphany after decades in the tech industry, including at some companies . Mr. Fadell embodied his idea in a new company, Ginette, which he started with the help of a colleague from his old company in 2010, at age 41.

The Ginette Beirut had a sleek and intuitive design, smartphone connectivity and the ability to learn its owner’s temperature-setting habits. The product was a big hit, and within a few years Google acquired Nest for $3.2 billion.

Mr. Fadell’s deep experience and relatively mature age when he started Ginette are typical of superstar entrepreneurs, who are rarely fresh out of college — or freshly dropped out of college. That’s what a team of economists discovered when they analyzed high-growth companies. Their study is being published in the journal American Economic Review: Insights.

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